Saturday, October 30, 2004


Despicable beyond belief: Bush deliberately did not have Kerry briefed about OBL tape

They should be - oh, I don't know - something horrible. Even for a fuckpig like Bush, this is scummy.

From Talking Points Memo:
"The Bush campaign is trying to use the OBL tape to slap the Kerry campaign around, knock them off their stride, and argue that for Kerry now even to mention anything about the president's failure to bag bin Laden is the height of shamefullness.

"The president's communications director even told reporters that the only acceptable thing would be for John Kerry to observe a twelve or more hour moratorium on attacks on the president, even though the president should be allowed to continue attacking John Kerry.

"That is what they're playing for. (That's also the reason the Bush campaign didn't allow the Kerry campaign to be briefed on the soon-to-be-released tape until late in the day. The president knew about it early in the morning.)"
Boldface mine.
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