Friday, October 29, 2004


Fuggin' CNN - Treating Bush the candidate like Bush the president

I'm watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. He's talking, while in the background is a shot of Kerry at the start of his rally tonight in Miami. Then Cooper says, We go live to President Bush's rally (not sure where - maybe Ohio? Doesn't matter.)

Anyway, this burns me up. CNN always cuts to Bush live, no matter what's going on elsewhere. If Bush farts on an airport runway, CNN covers it live. This kind of deference, appropriate for a president, is not appropriate for a candidate. When George Bush is talking to the nation about the war in Iraq, he's the president. When he's addressing a campaign rally, he's not. CNN should know better than to conflate candidate with president.

John Kerry the candidate is 100% equal to George Bush the candidate. Cover one, cover both. Exactly the same.

CNN is not Karl Rove's personal channel, and it should stop acting like it.
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