Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Good point by Randi Rhodes about the Iraqi explosives

Bush's ostensible reason for going into Iraq was that Saddam had or was about to get WMD (Rumsfeld swore he already had them and that we knew where he was hiding them).

The IAEA was all over Iraq inspecting. They had inspected a lot of sites and had sealed many of them. We knew where they were inspecting, we knew what sites they had inspected and sealed. Including Al Qoqa (or however it's spelled).

So how come - our order of battle for the invasion did not include sufficient troops to secure all the sites on the IAEA's list? Including Al Qoq? How come? If you're invading because you're scared of Saddam's WMD, wouldn't a primary concern be securing all the sites where you suspect he's hiding them? Even if you think the WMD may not be there, wouldn't you want to secure all known sites first? But we didn't. The Pentagon did not bother because Rumsfeld's primary concern was Baghdad and overthrowing Saddam, and he did not want to risk his "small mobile force" doctrine by sending in too many troops. Even though he'd been warned he didn't send enough troops in to secure the country.

So - maybe WMD were not the true reason for the invasion? The Pentagon, whatever it may have said, did not act like it was the true reason.
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