Thursday, October 07, 2004


Great catch by AMERICABlog!

Aides admit Bush stoking fears of terrorism for political gain

by John in DC - 10/7/2004 02:42:32 PM

UPDATE: I cannot believe this. The Bushies have just issued a terror warning about, you guessed it, Al Qaeda is coming to kill your kids in school. Gee, isn't it an amazing coincidence that the polls showed just a few weeks ago that "security moms" were freaked about the Russian school killings and that such security moms were more prone to vote for Bush because of the killings. And now we have the Bushies telling America's moms, out of the blue, once Bush's numbers are falling, that Al Qaeda is coming after your pre-schooler. No warning on this 7 WEEKS AGO WHEN THE KILLINGS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. No, the warning comes now, right before the election. These guys are scum.

Read this little tidbit buried in a front page Washington Post story today. According to Bush's aides, regarding the "big speech" he gave yesterday, "The strategy is aimed at stoking public fears about terrorism..."

What? They're actually admitting that they're trying to stoke the public's fears about terrorism for political gain. Jesus F'ng Christ. This is not just despicable, but guess what that means the next time the Bush Administration puts out a terror warning? The next time they raise us to a code whatever? It means a lot of us, even more now, are going to wondering if this is just another effort to "stoke our public fears about terrorism." Which means the next time the threat is real people could die, since many won't believe the threat is real, taking it as more political posturing by the Bush administration.

Is it just me, or is this one of the most outrageous and damning admissions yet from Bush's own people? This alone could win Kerry the election - demand that whoever on Bush's staff gave that interview be fired immediately.

And, of course, the mainstream press completely missed it, either accidentally or on purpose. All hail the Blogosphere!
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