Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The hits keep coming - Karl Rove couldn't be happier

Karl Rove must be smiling his evilly squirrely smile a lot these days. He's probably smiling so widely, he's swallowing his ears. His evil minions - Sinclair Broadcasting, Voters Outreach of America - are getting a lot of publicity this week. The fact that it's bad publicity is immaterial to His Slimy Macchiavellianness. The more Democrats focus their outrage on such non-George Bush distractions as this, the less they are able to focus on the glavnyi protivnik (Main Enemy, as the KGB used to refer to the USA).

We're wasting our time, methinks, trying to get Sinclair Broadcasting to call off its scheme to show the filthy Stolen Honor "attackumentary" on all its stations right before the election. Yes, it's disgusting, and their thin fiction of calling it "news" probably isn't even intended to be believed by the most credulous.

We're wasting our time, IMO, getting in such a huff about RNC-financed groups registering new voters in Las Vegas and Portland (and maybe elsewhere) and then tossing or shredding the forms filled out by Democrats. Yes, it's criminal, and yes, it's horrible, and yes, why aren't the national media pulling a Woodward & Bernstein, and where's the FBI, and all that.

And Karl Rove is beaming like a newly polished skull.

Not only are we reacting to his manipulations, but we're not focussing on George W. Bush! We're arguing about how to foil Sinclair, we're worrying about people showing up at the polls on Nov. 2 thinking they're registered only to find out they aren't - and those are worthy things to worry about.

And Karl Rove wants us to worry about them. Because the more time and energy we spend worrying about them, the less attention we can pay to George W. Bush.

I don't know what the solution is. We certainly can't let Karl Rove's shit go by. But we have to understand that all of this stuff - as vile as it is - is just a distraction. George W. Bush is the objective; the strategy is to send him back to Texas, everything else is tactics. Getting too exercised about Sinclair is just what the bastards in the RNC are hoping we'll do. I wouldn't be surprised if they never really planned to show their damned vidiocy, they just hoped we'd take the bait and bark like Pavlov's dogs about their perfidy, and then cancel it as they always planned to do.

Again, I know we have to respond. And there's enough of us, and enough energy to go around. The voter registration scandal certainly cannot be allowed to go unnoticed, and the villains involved must be brought to swift, severe justice. But it's time for us to set the agenda, time for us to drive events rather than be driven by them. Outrage dissipates our energy rather than focussing it. We need to use our heads, not lose them.
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