Thursday, October 14, 2004


Kerry did absolutely nothing wrong in mentioning Mary Cheney

Mary Cheney has been "out" for years. She recently appeared in public with her father - and with her partner.

The Cheneys are overreacting because they think a large part of the Republican base is homophobic - and does not know. They are the worst stinking forms of hypocrites - it is okay for their daughter to be gay, but they happily belong to a party that volubly castigates gay people and wants to amend the freakin' US Constitution to discriminate against gay people. And then they go apeshit when someone dares to mention in public the fact that they have a gay daughter who happens to be open about her sexual orientation.

This is simply trying to appeal to their homophobic base. They want it both ways - they want to seem tolerant to the moderates and undecideds while covertly reassuring the pigs in the fascist right that they're really "one of them." Screw Lynne Cheney, she's total vile worthless scum.

(Is this enough to get me into the Shrillblog? Probably not. Sigh.)

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