Friday, October 29, 2004


Kerry is too northeastern and too liberal? Why isn't Bush too southern and too conservative?

Listening to some North Carolina journalist on CSPAN tonight following John Edwards's rally in Raleigh, and the guy says Edwards isn't helping Kerry in NC because of Kerry. He repeats the usual drivel that Kerry is "too northeastern and too liberal for North Carolina." And that's true, he probably is.

But isn't George Bush too southern and too conservative for New York? And Illinois? And Pennsylvania? And California? That's 120 electoral votes right there, in just four states. Bush has to win nearly every southern and prairie state to make up for that. How come nobody - and I mean nobody - ever - and I mean ever - mentions that?

Whenever they call Kerry "too northeastern and too liberal," that is clearly meant as a criticism. It's a defect in Kerry. Obviously he can't change his geography (well, he could - look at Bush, who was born in Connecticut, before moving to Texas and glomming that fake Texan accent), but the idea is, he could - and should - be less liberal.

But why shouldn't Bush therefore be less conservative? They keep pushing the line that Kerry's the 4th most liberal senator (which has been disputed). Why don't they ever mention that Bush is by far the most conservative president we've ever had? Why is okay to be from Texas but not from Massachusetts? Why is it okay to be extremely conservative but not mildly liberal?

I'm just asking. Because I have no idea why.
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