Thursday, October 28, 2004


A look into the future: Unarmored Hummer Veterans for Truth

Aug. 2036: Unarmored Hummer Veterans for Truth, a group of disgruntled former soldiers from the Iraqi War, announced a campaign against Democratic Presidental candidate William Jefferson Hung. Oscar Freep, a spokesgrumbler for UHVFT, complained that Hung, who has made his service in the war a centerpiece of his campaign, was lying about his experiences in Iraq. "I was in Iraq, and I never saw him do none of the stuff he says he done," Freep screeched at a press conference at UHVFT headquarters, a Denny's outside Murfreesboro.

Observers speculate that the Unarmored Hummer Veterans are really angry at Hung for his work in the anti-Iraqi war effort after he returned from his tour of duty...

And etc., etc., etc.
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