Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Powerline reveals all about Pat Robertson "no casualties" quote! Diabolical plot against the President!

Turns out, that was not the real Pat Robertson telling Paula Zahn yesterday that Bush had promised there wouldn't be any casualties - it was a clever forgery of Pat Robertson! You can tell because the real Pat Robertson did not exist all the way back then (yesterday), so there's just no way he could have been on Paula Zahn's show. Someone using Photoshop and Microsoft Fraud software digitally inserted a cleverly faked Robertson into video of Paula Zahn actually interviewing Fox TV President Darry Biller, who promised her that there would be no airing of the BBC E.R. ripoff Casualty on his network.

Bush Administration figures, who had not initially denied the Robertson quote, are now hinting that shadowy anti-Bush figures (some unknown group apparently calling itself, they think, the "Democratic Party," whatever that is) are behind the feeble attempt to derail King George's second coronation. A Congressional investigation is already underway. Executions are expected imminently, followed by indictments.
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