Sunday, October 31, 2004


Tommy Franks is another lying POS

Gen. Tommy Franks, former commander of US Central Command, has been whoring around the idea, to anyone dumb enough to listen, that the US did not let Osama Bin Laden escape at Tora Bora in November 2001. Corrente has an excellent precis (mostly of other people's work on the subject) that refutes (actually, totally demolishes) that pathetic excuse.

Basically, Bush ordered Franks to start preparing for an invasion of Iraq at the exact moment that Bin Laden was escaping along with Pakistanis who were being permitted to drift away from Tora Bora. As Corrente writes, "Bush took his eye off the ball."

And Osama Bin Laden's tape on Friday is supposed to have been good for Bush? It's more like a thank-you note to our glorious president for letting him get off scot-free for murdering 3000 Americans.
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