Thursday, October 28, 2004


Why didn't they guard the explosives? (It's the lack of accountability, stupid)

The military plan called for getting to Baghdad as fast as possible. Period. They didn't care about anything else. They ignored warnings of all the arms and explosives all over the country. They ignored warnings about a possible insurgency. They just wanted to capture Baghdad and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Donald Rumsfeld wanted to validate his conception of the new US Army - light, mobile, quick (basically, the US Marine Corps writ large). War on the cheap. Quick & dirty. They didn't bring enough troops because they knew there would be no need for a lengthy occupation. The US would be welcomed as liberators. The Iraqis were just waiting to embrace democracy. Ahmad Chalabi told us so.

They saw in Iraq what they wanted to see. They not only ignored anyone saying otherwise, they punished anyone saying otherwise, the way they have tried to stifle all dissent since being in office (not just since 9-11).

They had no contingency plans, no Plan B just in case Plan A went wrong.

And no one has been held accountable for any of these lapses. No one. To me, the missing accountability is as important as the missing explosives.
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