Thursday, October 28, 2004


Wow. Says it all: "Four more years of George W. Bush is a potential disaster of such magnitude"

A "potential disaster"? What do they think his first four years were - a triumph of unprecedented proportion? It's not like we weren't warning everyone in 2000 that Bush was dangerously unqualified!

Anyway, this is a good, hard smackdown of the Dummy. Too bad The Flyer is only a weekly with a circulation of 55,000. But this is good.

Since its foundation in 1989, The Memphis Flyer has strictly adhered to a policy of not endorsing candidates for public office. Regular readers are aware of our unabashed support of progressive ideas and, by inference, the individuals who espouse them. But we have always felt we best serve the public interest by keeping an arm's-length distance from political candidates in the run-up to elections.

This year's extraordinary presidential campaign, however, requires our making an exception to our traditional non-endorsement policy. Four more years of George W. Bush is a potential disaster of such magnitude that we feel obliged to add our editorial voice to those of so many other newspapers around this country, and declare our support for John F. Kerry's candidacy for the presidency.

The reason is simple: President Bush's policies have failed this country on nearly every front, domestic and international. There is not room on this page to chronicle those failures in detail. Our relations with our allies are in shambles; our budgetary and trade deficits are out of control; corporate lobbies are setting environmental policy; our tax system is obscenely biased towards the rich; our civil liberties are at risk. The list goes on and on.


John Kerry has shown that he can be "a uniter not a divider." George W. Bush has clearly proven that he can't. Your vote for Senator Kerry next Tuesday will be a vote for a stronger, safer, and saner America.

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