Thursday, November 04, 2004


And so it begins - lie #1

Right there in the banner headline of today's New York Times: "Bush celebrates victory/After concession by Kerry, President cites 'a duty to serve all Americans'.

Could he at least be more subtle, less blatant? Does he think we're all stupid? (He very well may - after all, he won twice.) He hasn't served "all Americans" in his entire life - is there any reason to even dream that he's going to start now?

Unless, I suppose, you define "serving" all Americans as mortgaging everyone's future with your deficits, ruining everyone's reputation abroad, destroying everyone's environment, drafting everyone's children...then I guess he's keeping his word.

Don't be fooled, anyone. Unless you can contribute $100K or more to the Republicans, you're not on George W. Bush's radar.

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