Sunday, November 14, 2004


Bush destroys CIA - where's the outrage?

Porter Goss, the new Director of Central Intelligence, is largely suspected of preparing an agenda to gut the agency's Directorate of Operations (the actual overseas spies) in revenge for what is seen as surreptitious attempts by discontented agents to undermine George W. Bush in recent months. Michael Scheuer, a senior counter-terrorism expert who anonymously published Imperial Hubris earlier this year, is leaving the agency, as is deputy director John E. McLaughlin. A purge is expected. According to today's New York Times, "discontent had reached a point not seen at the C.I.I. for more than 25 years, and they expressed concern that an atmosphere of ill will and apprehension could distract the agency from its work in the fight against terrorism."

So, where's the outrage? Where are the conservative patriots in Congress and the media shrieking as only they can at how this is endangering America? Where's the questioning of Goss's motives?

You know damn well where: nowhere. George Bush does not give the tiniest flying fuck for anything but his own power. Last year they blew an undercover CIA agent's name in order to punish her husband; to this second, no one has been punished for that act of treason. The CIA can completely fall apart and Bush won't give a shit. The army can fall apart, everything can fall apart as long as he's in office. And his apologists and enablers will look the other way.

Meanwhile, if any of this had happened while a Democrat was in office - well, you'd be able to hear the chorus of fury on Mars.
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