Sunday, November 14, 2004


David Brooks intentionally gets it all wrong - again

In his column in yesterday's New York Times, David Brooks acts as if the CIA has gone rogue on President Bush, instead of realizing that it is the president who betrayed the CIA by politicizing intelligence, pipelining or cherrypicking reports that said what he wanted to hear, marginalizing and ignoring the State Department, and permitting the Pentagon to set up its own mini-CIA and mini-State Department. He then says, of Michael Scheuer, a CIA analyst who anonymously published the critical book Imperial Hubris, "Here was an official on the president's payroll publicly campaigning against his boss."

Well, fuck you, Mr Brooks, you lying bastard, but nobody who works for the CIA is on George W. Bush's payroll - they're on America's payroll, you shithead partisan hack. Of course, I realize full well that conservative turdbags like you think L'etat c'est George W. Bush, but that's your own tortured, confused fantasy. Scheuer probably should have resigned before publishing his book, as Richard Clarke did, although that would have deprived America - America, Mr. Brooks, not just George W. Bush - of his valuable services. (Not that Bush was listening to him any more than he listened to Clarke.) He has resigned now, though, so he can say anything he wants. I wonder what Brooks will criticize him for now - probably for trading on his government expertise to get a high-paying private sector job, since only conservative Republicans are supposed to cash in for the big bucks when they resign.

But the point is, Scheuer worked for George Bush only insofar as Bush is chief executive of the United States - not owner, not even majority shareholder. He owed Bush no personal loyalty of any kind - his oath at the CIA was to the United States, not to the man who happens to be head of the executive branch at the moment. This is not a kingdom.

Brooks ends his stupidity with this amazingly wrongheaded (ironically so) choice bit of nonsense: "If the CIA pays no price for its behavior, no one will pay a price for anything, and everything is permitted." Considering that George W. Bush has committed countless outrages and failures his entire life and never paid a price - from draft-dodging and desertion to numerous business failures, substance abuse, lying about the WMD, running up historically insane budget deficits, and blowing an undercover CIA agent's name (it happened while he was in the White House and he has done nothing to punish whoever was responsible) - it is truly despicable of David Brooks to admonish George Bush to hold anyone accountable at the CIA, when Bush himself is the crown prince of unaccountability.
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