Thursday, November 04, 2004


Here comes the storm

Today's New York Times lead editorial, The Next President Bush, is full of the same trampled hopes that have animated observers of President Bush since his 2000 campaign: that he might actually mean what he said about governing the entire country, being a "compassionate conservative," ruling from the center, etc.

What is it going to take for people to learn that none of this is ever going to happen?
Mr. Bush could be that leader. He could be the uniter he promised to be, then failed to become, four years ago. He could put an end to a period in national history when too many people go to the polls on Election Day convinced that victory for the other side would mean disaster for the nation. A lot of voters felt that way on Tuesday, and now Mr. Bush has the chance to show them they were wrong.
Come on, Times, where've you been the past four years? Sure, we'd like to see Bush follow your sage advice, but it's not going to happen! The shitstorm has started and pious hopes aren't going to protect us from the angry right-wing, which has been downtrodden and oppressed for so long and is finally liberated and redeemed. How could anyone expect them to share power with the concentration camp guards of the left who have stomped all over their delicate rights all these years? It's their turn now, baby, after waiting in the cold for so long, entirely powerless, with no one in Washington to listen to their faint voice and hear their soft cry. It's payback time. To expect them to pay even the slightest attention to the tiny 49% sliver of America that didn't have the morality to back President Bush would be inhuman!

Okay, I've made my point. But that's how they think, and anyone who does not understand this - who has not understood this since the early 1990s when the right wing spent 8 years trashing the legitimacy of Bill Clinton's presidency - is fooling themselves. Bush is not a "compassionate conservative"! He is not a centrist! He has no interest in being one! He no longer even gives a shit about pretending to be one! He is most definitely not going to govern like one. He didn't after 2000, when he didn't win, so why would he do so now?

So stop begging him to do something he has no intention of doing. Fight or go home but stop crawling. Bush isn't listening.
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