Friday, November 05, 2004


I can't blog everything!

I read a number of blogs and news sites every day. There's a lot of good stuff out there on the Internets (grin; along with a lot of crap, of course), and I'm tempted to blog (all right, copy) every good thing I read. Obviously, I can't do that, or I'd be at this 24/7. So what to do?

Well, there's the blogroll at the left (of course). They are not listed in any particular order, except perhaps for the 15 or 20 at the top, which tend to be my favorites. I read them every day.

The best ones are:

Matthew Yglesias (fascinating for politics, political philosophy, foreign policy)

Brad DeLong (excellent for liberal economics)

The Shrillblog ("The official blog of the Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill" - people who have been "driven into shrill unholy madness by the incompetence, mendacity, malevolence, or sheer disconnection from reality of the Bush administration"; usually hysterically funny)

Talking Points Memo (Josh Marshall's excellent take, mostly on foreign policy, also on journalism)

TAPPED (A joint blog of writers for The American Prospect, a leading liberal monthly)

Daily Kos (strongly liberal politics blog)

Atrios (ditto)

AMERICABlog (ditto; also very strong on gay rights)

Hoffmania! (tough-minded liberal)

Truthout (scathing criticism of Bush)

Buzzflash (even more scathing criticism of Bush and the Republicans; this one can strip flesh)

Democratic Underground (a leading site for activists in the Democratic Party; excellent discussion forums)

Altercation (Eric Alterman's daily blog on; full of wise commentary, obscure pop music reviews, and essays by the splendid Charles Pierce)

TBogg (one of the funniest liberal bloggers; but he speaks with a barbed tongue)

World O' Crap (another extremely funny liberal blogger; loves to tear careless or stupid conservative writers to shreds)

Digby (funny, well-written)

The Rude Pundit (aptly named - he is very rude - even crude - and pungent, also very funny; don't read if you are faint of heart)

All of these sites feature powerful original liberal commentary. None of them are soft on liberals who deserve criticism, although all reserve their toughest shots for the enemy. They're all full of insights, humor, and a bracing kick in the pants.

There are plenty of other terrific sites out there. As I said, I can't blog everything. Check out my blogroll.

I'll rerun this post periodically as a reminder.
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