Tuesday, November 30, 2004


If you are even briefly contemplating being a Bush apologist, please learn this lesson yourself

From Matthew Yglesias:
Lesson Learned

Noam Scheiber underestimates the cynicism and mendacity
of the Bush administration's Social Security plans. You really can never go wrong on this front. Policy in all areas will be maximally cynical and maximally mendacious.
I was talking to a close friend yesterday, who really should know better (he's gay and his partner worked for both Dean and Kerry this year). He told me that he thinks Bush will begin to move to the center. I tried to bring him back to reality. There is no chance this will happen, and the sooner moderates and progressives with a bipartisan bent begin to realize this, the sooner we will have some chance of whipping a decent opposition into shape. The only realistic stance for the next two years, at least, is (as Charles Pierce puts it), NO. Simply that. No. N-O.

No on everything. Every nomination, every bill, every resolution. Period. Don't even try to accommodate or compromise. Make it clear that every single thing George W. Bush does is wrong. That every thing that goes bad over the next two years is 100% his fault, that we had absolutely nothing to do with it. That there is a clear difference between us, a chasm the size of the Valleys Marinaris on Mars (which is wider than the United States).

Now, we're not going to be able to make every "No" stick. And yes, Bush and the Republicans and their slaves in the press will shriek loud enough to hear on the Moon every time we say "No." But the only thing those motherfuckers respect is power. Morality for them is only a stick to beat their opponents with, and bipartisanship is just a word in the dictionary between bastard and bribe. If the Democrats really hold together and just say, "No," the Republicans will eventually realize that they can't continue to smack us around with impunity. That there will be a price to pay. That's why I'd love to see Bill Clinton as chairman of the DNC, because he could say no and get away with it, make at least some of the press like it.

In any case, please disabuse yourself of any notion that George W. Bush will govern from the center or propose anything simply because it's the right thing to do. (And, should he somehow do so, keep in mind that he will 100% guaranteed refuse to fund it once the positive pub attending his proposal has died down.) We are in a shitstorm; now is not the time to lower the umbrellas.
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