Sunday, November 07, 2004


In other words, David Brooks is really Jayson Blair

Via Matthew Yglesias:
Rozen Versus Brooks

Laura lays the smack down. Well said:
Look, I see Brooks at my neighborhood DC synagogue, and as much as he says he travels in the red states, I grew up in one a religious minority with Christmas trees in the public elementary schools, in a state that just a few years ago voted to outlaw teaching evolution in the schools in favor of Creationism. This guy has no idea what he's talking about regarding red states. It's really a foreign country to him. He talks about liberals like they have never encountered red state values and so look down on them out of snobbery. He's the one out of touch. Now, if he sends his children to the Kansas public schools, I may feel differently, but he's an East Coast Jewish person trying to talk up red state religious pluralism and broad mindedness without seeming to demonstrate the slightest desire to go experience it for the duration.
I happily admit to being one of the most out-of-touch with the heartland people out there, someone who's spend significantly more time in Europe than in all the red counties put together, but I'm at least in-touch with my out-of-touchness. Nothing grates more than watching the Republican Party's equally blue intellectual and financial elite lecture their confères on the other side of the aisle about the virtues of farm country small towns or sunbelt exurbs where they would never dream of living, all the while raking in tax cuts and applaudingly loudly as the children of Red America and Red Iraq kill each other off in pursuit of national greatness.
I've had that feeling about Brooks myself, that not only is he intellectually lazy, he's also physically so. In addition, of course, to being intellectually dishonest, more interesting in bashing liberals than in really figuring stuff out.

Not that there aren't liberals who sneer at those parts of the country that voted heavily for Bush. But the national leadership of the Republican Party is mostly composed of elitists and snobs and faux good ol' boys who are primarily interested in hobnobbing with the corporate lobbyists on K Street far more so than chowing down at the local rib shack with the huntin' 'n' fishin' crowd. After all, when Dick Cheney and Nino Scalia want to indulge in mass slaughter of feathered or furry species, they take private jets to rich scumbags' private reserves that are not usually open to the little people they want to vote for them.

For David Brooks to shill for these people and pretend along with them that he's also a proud, pissed-off citizen of Jesusland is every bit as mendacious as Jayson Blair filing copy from places he never visited.
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