Tuesday, November 16, 2004


There goes at least half of whatever respect for John McCain I had left

From today's New York Times:

C.I.A. Churning Continues as 2 Top Officials Resign

With tensions between the C.I.A.'s new leadership and senior career officials still extraordinarily high, senior members of Congress appeared sharply divided in their view about whether Mr. Goss was going too far in reshaping the C.I.A. after a series of intelligence failures on Iraq and terrorism.

Representative Jane Harman of California, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, called the moves unwarranted, and warned that they could well ignite an "implosion" within the C.I.A. But Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, said he believed that Mr. Goss should do "whatever is necessary" to clean house at the agency.

In an interview, Mr. McCain said he told President Bush last week that "the C.I.A. was dysfunctional and unaccountable and that they refused to change." The senator said he believed the C.I.A. had acted as a "rogue agency" in recent months by leaking information about the war in Iraq that was seen as detrimental to Mr. Bush and his re-election campaign.

Hah-hah, very funny, Mr. McCain. Considering the disastrous incompetence of George W. Bush and his administration, along with the president's insistence that he has never done anything wrong, and that no one who has screwed up in his administration has ever been held responsible, calling the CIA "dysfunctional and unaccountable" and charging that they "refused to change" is the funniest joke I've heard in a long time. I had no idea you were such a comedian, Mr. McCain. Your talents are being wasted in the Senate, sir, you should be writing for David Letterman.

Seriously, does John McCain have any integrity left? After his "Help I'm Being Held Hostage" tour with the president during the campaign (in some photos standing next to the president he looks like he's trying to send a secret message begging for help with his eybrows), this man, who was unforgiveably trashed by candidate George W. Bush and his campaign in 2000, who has witnessed this administration do things completely antithetical to everything McCain has ever stood for - for him now to support the gutting of the CIA by a man whose mission is to turn it into just another outpost of the Republican Party (I didn't realize Langley was so close to K Street) is a sad degeneration of the only conservative Republican I might ever have been willing to support for president. I used to say, I didn't agree with John McCain but at least I trusted him. No more.

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