Thursday, November 04, 2004


They'll try to blame us, though. Just watch them try.

Everything we have have today is owned by the GOP. The Democrats can't be blamed for these problems because this policy has been shoved down the throats of America by the Republicans. They own the problems such as Iraq, the deficit, the division of America, etc. Obstructionism is a joke and we are fools to think otherwise. The GOP has thrown us around like a rag doll and they own the current list of problems in America. It's time to make it clear to America who owns these problems.
The sad thing is, Bush's supporters are so far distant from reality that, as things start to go wrong (or, really, continue to go wrong) and Bush casts about to find someone, anyone, to blame his failures on, they'll probably continue to worship the bastard and excuse him. It really is pathetic, for a party that pretends to believe in self-reliance and responsibility, that their chosen leader is a man with no conception of either.

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