Tuesday, November 23, 2004


They're God's people, so they can be victims as much as they like (and boy do they like)

Wise words from Digby:
Pandering To Hypocrisy

Yes, we may be in different tribes. But vast numbers of people from both tribes are watching the same "trash" on television and getting divorced and having children out of wedlock and all the other horrible outgrowths of a society that is evidently in horrible decline. The difference is that one of the tribes seems to like to consume this crap and then pretend not only that they don't, but that the other tribe is forcing it on them.
This is akin to the right-wingers who, notwithstanding that they are in complete control of the country, keep pounding away on the myth that they are being chased out onto the ice by the mean ol' Simon Legrees of the all-powerful and implacably evil lib'ruls.

And as long as it keeps working, they are obviously going to keep pounding away.
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