Tuesday, November 23, 2004


This would explain a lot about George W. Bush...

...except he grew up in Connecticut...
Texas: A Great Place To Raise The Children Of Someone You Hate

You know, if heterosexual marriage is threatened by simply not referring to it directly, it must not be a particularly strong thing.
At the urging of Leo and several other members — who describe themselves as Christian conservatives — the board this month approved new health textbooks for high school and middle school students after publishers said they would tweak references to marriage and sexuality.

One agreed to define marriage as a "lifelong union between a husband and a wife." Another deleted words that were attacked by conservatives as "stealth" references to gay relationships; "partners," for example, was changed to "husbands and wives." A passage explaining that adolescence brings the onset of "attraction to others" became "attraction to the opposite sex."

Leo said she pushed for the changes to combat the influence of "liberal New York publishers" who by "censoring" the definition of marriage were legitimizing same-sex unions.
Now, I'd think that "partners" would be easier than using "husbands and wives" because it encompasses the same idea in fewer words...but we must not allow anything that could possibly ever be interpreted as having any opening for homosexuality. Although, gay and lesbian couples do have husbands and wives...

Okay, new phrase, and we'd appreciate it if all the textbooks were printed to reflect this: "fully heterosexual adult consenting nonrelated human being men marrying fully heterosexual adult consenting nonrelated human being women." Otherwise, the gay agenda could sneak in under our radar - and then what?

Alas, this was just disturbing:
Conservatives' efforts over the years to edit textbooks are legendary here. In a nod to those who believe God created the Earth 6,000 years ago, a sentence saying the ice age took place "millions of years ago" was changed to "in the distant past." Descriptions of environmentalism have been attacked as antithetical to free-enterprise ideals; a passage describing the cruelty of slavery was derided as "overkill."
I'd love to have seen that resolution.

"To Whom It May Concern:

We need books that are less negative about the whole slavery thing. Nothing too big, just, you know...got any pictures of slaves hugging their masters? And could we drop the whole thing about the Middle Passage? It's too depressing.

(Actually, I just posted this because I loved the headline. But the article's pretty good, too.)
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