Thursday, November 04, 2004


Tolerance and justice are moral values, too

World O' Crap says this better than I could:
We need to remind people that tolerance, justice, fairness, compassion, and caring are moral values too. Personally, it bothers me a lot more to think of children going hungry than it does to think of two men being married (in fact, I think that two people committing themselves to each other is something to be celebrated). My values are a priority to me and my morality is just fine, so I'm tired of being told that Bush's election is a triumph of moral values over wickedness.
Bush has presided over a government that basically gave away the store to his corporate cronies, launched an unjustified war against a country that did not threaten us, failed to protect us against terrorists who did threaten us, has piled up huge deficits for future generations to pay off - how moral is that? - and done nothing to promote and preserve the scientific and technological edge that is the real basis of our current and future prosperity. And he's the moral one?
great post..great blog. Keep rockin.
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great post..great blog. Keep rockin.
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