Tuesday, November 16, 2004


We're boned

A concise encapsulation of just how screwed we are.
The Peter Principle and the Neocon Coup

The screwballs who brought us the Iraq War are failing upward.

by Robert Scheer

The bloodletting has begun.

I'm not referring to the latest attempt to reconquer Iraq, but rather the wholesale political revenge campaign being waged by the hard-liners in the Bush administration against anybody and everybody inside the government who challenged the way the second Persian Gulf war in a decade was marketed and run.

Meanwhile, incompetence begat by ideological blindness has been rewarded. The neoconservatives who created the ongoing Iraq mess have more than survived the failure of their impossibly rosy scenarios for a peaceful and democratic Iraq under U.S. rule. In fact, despite calls for their resignations – from the former head of the U.S. Central Command, Gen. Anthony Zinni, among others – the neocon gang is thriving. They have not been held responsible for the "16 words" about yellowcake, the rise and fall of Ahmad Chalabi, the Abu Ghraib scandal, the post-invasion looting of Iraq's munitions stores and the disastrous elimination of the Iraqi armed forces.

Thus Bush, with Goss as his hatchet man, is having it both ways: He can be seen to be cleaning house at the CIA – when he is simply punishing independent voices – while denying Congress access to an independent audit of actual intelligence failures.

With the ravaging of the CIA and the ousting of Powell – instead of the more-deserving Rumsfeld – the coup of the neoconservatives is complete. They have achieved a remarkable political victory by failing upward.
And the odds are greater than 100% that when it all goes completely to hell - not if - the president's enablers and supporters will figure out a way to blame anyone other than Bush. No wonder he values loyalty over competence.
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