Monday, November 15, 2004


Why would anybody think they would?

I'm not sure if this is the end of naivete or just another long journalistic sigh about something its author knew or suspected all along. (From an article on TAPPED about the expected eventual appointment of new Attorney-General designee Alberto R. Gonzales to the U.S. Supreme Court.)
"If he gets confirmed, Gonzales will have an incentive to be very conservative and unyielding, perhaps more so than John Ashcroft. Second -- and this is obvious -- the move reveals that the Bush administration has not for a second reconsidered its disastrous abandonment of basic norms of conduct and international law, which resulted quite directly in Abu Ghraib. (Then again, if you govern entirely by way of politics over principle, and your legal thinking is in essence dictated by Karl Rove, what do you expect?) To say that Abu Ghraib was a terrible thing is a cliche. But I highly recommend Phil Carter's recent article on the matter to get a full flavor of how ill-considered, how morally bankrupt, and how damaging to our credibility the policy decisions at the top -- including some made by Gonzales -- were.

In every way, the Bush administration has taken this election as a license not to reconsider anything about the first four years.

--Nick Confessore
And this is news exactly how? Why would anyone think, or have ever thought, otherwise? In what way, please, did George Bush ever do one single thing in his entire life that would make anyone think there was ever the slightest possibility that he would reconsider anything about anything, let alone his first term?

All the pious hopes - or, more precisely, wishes - that editorialists opined, that Bush would take the opportunity of a second term to correct the mistakes he made in his first term - where the hell have they been? What have they been watching - reruns of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood? Talk about not learning from mistakes!

To be fair to Nick Confessore, I'm pretty sure he never expected otherwise, and is just trying to hammer the lesson home to the one or two remaining TAPPED readers who may not have figured it out for themselves yet.

I wonder how long it will be - if ever - before the mainstream press (especially those newspapers and pundits that endorsed Bush by expressing the pious hope mentioned above) begins to figure it out that he has no intention of even recognizing any mistakes he made, let alone doing anything differently. They think the won big enough that they can do anything they want; and even if they know better and don't really think that, they intend to rule as if they really did win big enough that they can do anything they want. They will do so until they are challenged, which they obviously believe will never happen. Based on the past four years, they're almost certainly right!

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