Saturday, December 18, 2004


And God said - let there be cryptograms!

Kevin Folto makes me laugh. "God's crossword puzzles," indeed. Heh.
Bible Code Predicts 9-11!

I predict you are now responsible for the deaths!

I watched a television show on the History Channel, a special describing the "Bible Code". As the story goes, the writers of the Old Testament allegedly installed cryptic messages into the Hebrew letters of the text. While the text itself is typical bible-speak, these hidden messages are crystal clear to the right computer program and tell vivid details of past and future events.

Apparently when analyzed there are blocks of local text hiding details of future events, such as "Wright Brothers / Airplane" and "Kennedy" / "Will be Assassinated" / "Oswald". In fact, one Bible Code researcher claims that he accurately predicted the terrorist attack of 9-11. He indicates the Bible Code clearly reveals "Bin Laden" and "Twin Towers" and "Airplane". He claims that the date of 9-11-2004 was apparent along with the names of several of the hijackers.

Can someone please make sure this dickhead is arrested and locked in a room with the 9-11 families and 3000 hot metal pokers?

Let's assume the Bible Code assertions are correct; that they can predict the future with cryptic messages in the Bible. We’ll assume he predicted this attack. We’ll assume he knew it would be by airplanes into the World Trade Center and that he knew the names of the hijackers and the date.

Now, if he knew of the attack, why didn’t he tell anyone? This was 100% preventable! Mohammad Atta could have been arrested at the gate. Box cutters could have been seized. Planes could have been grounded and the towers and pentagon evacuated. If he knew in his heart that the Bible is the irrefutable code-encrusted word of God, and is an accurate predictor of impending events, why did he do nothing with this critical information? Certainly the Commander in Chief welcomes direction from the Lord!

It is easy to predict the future once it has passed. Let's hold the Bible Code for what it is. It is either coincidence and fraud, or treasonous. Be careful before you open your eucharist hole.

If it is possible to predict tragedy and suffering using ancient text, then we need to hold God himself accountable. If the Bible Code is real then it means God is toying with us, making us meaningless little souls suffer catastrophe because we can't solve his crossword puzzles fast enough.
My question would be, did the guy make his "prediction" before or after 9-11? It's easy to look back and see the signs (unless you're the Bush Administration, of course, in which case not only have you still not seen anything, but you're still trying to make sure no one else did, either).

One way to "test" the theory would be to make more predictions now and see what happens. (Although if they are sociologically significant, simply publicizing them would interfere with the experiment. Sort of like Hari Seldon and the Second Foundation not wanting the universe to know about their Plan.)

Either way, it's all bullshit. Orthodox Jews insist that God handed the Torah, at least, to Moses on Mount Horeb in its entirety, exactly as we know it today, letter for letter, space for space. Conservative Jews believe that humans inspired by God wrote the Torah over a number of centuries. (I have no idea what Reform Jews believe, forgive me.) Either way, we do not believe the Torah is a treasure map or a coded ransom note or a rebus. To treat it that way is a blasphemy.

Einstein famously said, in rejecting quantum physics, that God does not play dice with the universe. Neither does He play party games.
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