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David Brooks is even worse than I thought

As Julie Saltman puts it, I was just having "some fun with Bobo." It turns out, fun is the last thing anyone should be having with this creep.
DAVID BROOKS NEEDS TO DO HIS HOMEWORK. Why is David Brooks promoting the work of a well-known eugenicist sympathizer who regularly indulges in racial stereotyping for a Web site condemned by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate group"? In today's New York Times, Brooks cited a recent article by Steve Sailer, a well-known promoter of quasi-scientific explanations for racial stereotypes who's mixed up with a variety of right-wing eugenicists, white supremacists, and general all-around wack-jobs.

Brooks also adopted a fair number of Sailer's analytic points. Brooks wrote fondly about "natalism," "a little-known movement sweeping across the United States.

The "bad influences" mentioned in Sailer's The American Conservative story, "The Baby Gap: How birthrates color the electoral map" (get it? color) are, by and large, "illegal immigrants and other poor minorities," "ghetto hellions," and "the public schools." Sailer's article is explicitly about whites:
Nobody noticed that the famous blue-red gap was a white baby gap because the subject of white fertility is considered disreputable. But I believe the truth is better for us than ignorance, lies, or wishful thinking. At least, it’s certainly more interesting.
Brooks writes that "Young families move away from what they perceive as disorder, vulgarity and danger and move to places like Douglas County in Colorado (which is the fastest-growing county in the country and has one of the highest concentrations of kids)." Compare that to Sailer: "Couples attempting to raise children in a big blue city quickly learn the truth of what bond trader Sherman McCoy’s father told him in Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities: 'If you want to live in New York, you’ve got to insulate, insulate, insulate.'" Unable to insulate themselves through buying into private schools that save them from the urban minorities, writes Sailer, they simply move to the 'burbs, where, "Having insulated themselves through distance rather than money, they can now send their kids to public schools."

In bringing aboard a movement conservative, the august Times could hardly have imagined that they'd eventually have a ready conduit for the racialist thinking of the fringe right on their pages. But this promotion of Sailer's analysis by Brooks is opinion journalism at its absolute shoddiest. The New York Times owes its readers an apology and Brooks ought to be reprimanded for promoting this kind of clap-trap.

Sailer articles in the past few years have included: "Save Europe! Keep Turkey Out of the EU"; "Brown vs. Black—vs. America"; and "GOP’s Southern (=Sailer) Strategy Rises Again. Actually, It’s Never Been Down." The far-right Web site has previously refused to post Sailer's article "GOP Future Depends on White Vote," calling the piece "divisive" and "promoting racism." And check out Sailer's graphs purporting to show how racial differences in body-fat composition account for patterns of interacial marriage, if you want more of a taste of his kind of "science."

Sailer is, among other things, a columnist for, described thusly in the Southern Poverty Law Center's report, "Keeping America White":
Once a relatively mainstream anti-immigration page, VDARE has now become a meeting place for many on the radical right. One essay complains about how the government encourages "the garbage of Africa" to come to the United States. The same writer says once the "Mexican invasion" engulfs the country, "high teenage birthrates, poverty, ignorance and disease will be what remains."

Another says that Hispanics have a "significantly higher level of social pathology than American whites.
Brimelow's site carries archives of columns from men like Sam Francis, who is the editor of the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a group whose Web page recently described blacks as "a retrograde species of humanity." It has run articles by Jared Taylor, the editor of the white supremacist American Renaissance magazine, which specializes in dubious race and IQ studies and eugenics, the "science" of "race betterment" through selective breeding.

Recently, VDARE has even begun to publish the writings of Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State-Long Beach. MacDonald accuses Jews of "dominating" the "movement to change the ethnic balance of the United States by allowing mass, non-traditional [i.e., non-white] immigration." He writes that Jews, believing "the masses ha[ve] to be deceived," frame their appeals in universalistic language. But behind that are "the Jewish agendas" of the deceivers. MacDonald also mentions "the famously heavy Jewish role" in television news.

Just listen to Sailer in his own words. On gays: "[M]ost of them were effeminate little boys.” "[A]n infectious disease itself could cause homosexuality. It's probably not a venereal germ, but maybe an intestinal or respiratory germ. It's radically unfashionable to call homosexuality a disease. But you can't think rigorously about the gay gene theory without drawing straightforward analogies to genetic diseases."

On immigration: "The more diversity, the more identity politics. If we didn't want blacks to engage in ethnocentric politics, well, our ancestors shouldn't have dragged them here in chains. We can, however, moderate the amount of diversity we import in the future."

On the segregationist Pioneer Fund: "I can't think of any general moral principle justifying [Pioneer Fund founder Wickliffe Preston Draper's] critics' presumption that, while black or Irish or Jewish ethnocentric foundations are hunky-dory, the early Pioneer Fund's WASP ethnocentrism was the blackest sin organization has done more than the Pioneer Fund to develop scientific knowledge about human biodiversity."

According to The Wall Street Journal, the pro-segregation Pioneer Fund was charted in part to provide scholarships to "children who are deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons who settled in the original 13 states." Further, promoting high birthrates among whites -- and quantitative scientific research that proved the superiority of whites -- was part of the purpose of the group:
One of the first major projects of the Pioneer Fund under Mr. Draper was a program to encourage officers of the all-white U.S. Army Air Corps, predecessor of the Air Force, to have more children. Mr. Draper and other directors of the foundation believed that the Pioneer Fund should encourage a higher birth rate among the best of the white race....
Draper would doubtless be pleased to see Brooks' economium to the new white natalism sweeping the land, and on the op-ed page of The New York Times, at that.
In case anyone cares, I do not believe David Brooks himself is a racist. But his willingness to pimp the ideas of a racist - because it helps him in his crusade against the very culture in which he himself lives (and which he himself has no intention of leaving in order to join the "real" people whose lives he so meretriciously extols) - that is unsavory at best and, considering that Brooks is Jewish, startlingly self-hating and self-endangering at worst.
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