Monday, December 06, 2004



Count on Digby for a snarky laugh just when you need one:
Can't Keep A Good Girl Down

Rittenhouse reveals that the torrid, heaving, breathless tome known as Sisters has been disappeared from the web:
...Mrs. Biscuitbarrel dropped me a note this afternoon telling me Live Journal has blocked her access to the site’s template. And I notice that Mrs. Biscuitbarrel’s web site has been taken down, presumably by Live Journal.

No word yet on who instigated this attack.

I don’t know, I have the feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Sisters.
Oh, it will be impossible to keep this panting paeon to Montana's sapphic history away from a public that demands it. If Mrs. VP were a real capitalist she'd option it for a seven part series on Showtime. Barring that, we shall have to be content with furtive peeks into her fertile imagination from the far corners of the internet. A raging thirst for softcore GOP bodice ripping girl-love must and will be slaked.
That last line sounds straight out of Fafblog - and there is no higher compliment.

More good stuff from Digby:
Useful Idiot

I see that certain people in the Democratic leadership have been listening to Rush Limbaugh again:
We've got to repudiate, you know, the most strident and insulting anti-American voices out there sometimes on our party's left ... We can't have our party identified by Michael Moore and Hollywood as our cultural values. – Al From, CEO, Democratic Leadership Council
Yes, it's always a good idea to sling the word "anti-American" around when talking about members of your own party. It's so helpful to reiterate Republican talking points in public and suggest that Michael Moore and "Hollywood" must be repudiated because they are unacceptable to the public despite the fact that their "product" seems to sell quite well to a rather significant faction of the party.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been very successful inviting their sociopathic lunatic fringe right onto the dais and treating them like royalty. You didn't see the Republicans rejecting Falwell or Coulter because they say inflammatory things, do you? No, because a large number of their constituents think they are terrific. It's called having respect for your grassroots.

Perhaps the reason the Republicans are winning is because the American people simply appreciate something other than a bucket of lukewarm spit in their leaders and instinctively see through all this silly "Sistah Soljah" bullshit for the half assed, lame symbolic capitulation it really is.

It's a thought.
Except, Republicans can be as extremist as they want and get away with it. Only Democrats must move to the center. It's one of those little-known Amendments to the U.S. Constitution - along with the wingnuts' right to be a horribly oppressed, suppressed and repressed majority no matter how much power they seize.
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