Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I'm jus' gettin' DOWN wid mah PEOPLE!

Good stuff from AMERICAblog:
Bob Novak, honorary black man

by John in DC - 12/8/2004 12:17:23 PM

Well, it's the second time that Novak has played the black card in the past few months, and to my best knowledge, he's not even black. First it was when he said people were criticizing Condi Rice cuz she's black (yeah, her support for the war that was a lie had nothing to do with it), and now he's accusing anyone who thinks Clarence Thomas is sub-par of being a racist. You can watch the video at Crooks and Liars.

I'm trying to imagine Martin Luther King fighting side by side with Bob Novak, and I'm just having a hard time seeing it. Never saw Novak in any of those history photos getting attacked by the police dogs, having the fire hoses turned on him, but maybe I just missed it.

This is part of a larger strategy the right has waged for years. Accuse the left of being what the right really is. If you praise Mary Cheney then YOU'RE the homophobe, not the parents and the president who's selling her out. Don't like religious right wingnuts ruling the land, then you hate ALL Christians. Are you pro-choice? Then you're anti-Catholic. Have a problem with Alberto Gonzales throwing away the Geneva Conventions? Why do you hate Latinos? You get the picture.

It's sick and we need to call them on it and put it to a stop. Or even better, let's all ask Novak and all the other new-found Republican civil rights advocates to support some new civil rights legislation, to prove their MLK bona fides. Then let's see if they put their actions where their mouth is.
Of course, they'll just argue that blacks and whites are 100% equal already and only a bigot thinks blacks need special treatment anymore and in any case reverse discrimination against white males is far more prevalent and pernicious. So there. Phthbttttttt.
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