Sunday, December 05, 2004


Oh, dear God, no

If fooling yourself were an Olympic event, this would win at least the silver medal.
Everyone Knows This Senator, and for 2008, That May Be Precisely the Trouble

The voters who disapprove of Mrs. Clinton are numerous and unshakable, and they have been around so long that they even have a name in political circles. Hillary haters.

Mrs. Clinton offered a revealing answer when asked recently whether Republicans might be hoping that she becomes the Democratic presidential nominee in 2008, since it would give the G.O.P. a divisive figure to run against.

Mrs. Clinton - who studiously avoids answering questions about her presidential ambitions - quickly responded. "We have a president who is quite polarizing - and very successful, I might add," Mrs. Clinton said during an appearance on NBC's "Today."
Substantively, she's right - Bush is very polarizing. And he has been very successful, if you count running up record deficits, entangling us in an unwinnable war, record job losses, ruining our reputation abroad, and failing to do anything against international terrorism "successes." But yes, on his own terms, he has been successful.

But that's because he has had the press humping his leg. All the negative shit about him has been studiously ignored - if not suppressed - by the media since 1999. Whereas Hilary has been demonized from coast to coast and from the Rio Grande to International Falls almost from the day her husband first came to national attention. It's not fair, but it's also not to be wished away.

Substantively, Hilary Clinton is more prepared to be president than George W. Bush. But she lacks her husband's political gifts (as does everyone else in American history who ever ran for any elective office above precinct level), and the press hates her. You could overcome the latter if you had the former. She doesn't. She has no chance, and the sooner she faces up to this admittedly regrettable fact, the less damage she will do to the Democratic Party and to the United States. I love Hilary, but she is never going to be president.
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