Monday, December 13, 2004


The right-wing morons will never get this

Or if they do, they'll never have the decency and honesty to get it. From World O' Crap:
It's the Most Whatever Time of the Year


But here's Pastor Swank with yet another timely message about the death of Christmas,"'Christmas Carol' Done In: Principal Says It's Too Religious!"
Obviously, Mark Robertson, principal of Lake Washington High School near Seattle, has yet to get the Bush win message that liberals are on their way out. The Red States won. Yet Robertson is still singing the Blue States.
As I'm sure you're all aware, Bush's reelection was supposed to be like when the One-Ring was dropped in Mt. Doom, and the power of Sauron (or in this case, the power of the Democrats, liberals, those who believe in the separation of church of state, and those with a lick of sense) was immediately dispelled. And man, is Pastor Swank annoyed that he was cheated of his promised fairy-tale ending.
Bush got about 50.5% of the vote. That means that the rest of us are supposed to shut the fuck up and let these retards govern as though this were the Soviet Union and they got 99%. Fuck 'em.
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