Monday, December 13, 2004


They'll be blaming Bill 100 years after he's dead

From No More Mister Nice Blog:
Heard in the newsroom of the New York Post last night:

"This Kerik thing is really bad - it makes Bush look bad and it makes Giuliani look bad. And the Daily News is kicking our asses with it.

"Quick! Get me a Clinton scandal we can put on the front page! Anything! I don't care what it is! I don't care if it's weeks old!"


(Here's the article itself. And here's ABC's story from nearly two weeks ago. The Post puts some flesh on the bare bones of the ABC story, but really now -- this is an "exclusive"? Shameless and desperate.)
Fortunately, not one single human being in the entire universe who actually matters reads the New York Post.
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