Tuesday, December 14, 2004


We will always have blamed the Democrats

Sooner or later, all but the most thirsty of Koolaid drinkers will have to admit that the war in Iraq, if it was not a dreadful mistake from the start, was horribly botched in execution. Even William Safire and Charles Krauthammer will eventually come to this regretful conclusion. At that point, will they have the moral courage and intellectual honesty to blame Bush and Rumsfeld for the botching?

Stop laughing. Of course they won't. One way or another, they will contrive to blame liberals and Democrats for the coming debacle. Plus the press. Oh, and the Europeans and Arabs. And, of course, the United Nations. Anyone but their precious George W. Bush. He could never possibly bear even the slightest responsibility for anything that came about as a direct result of his incapacity for doing anything other than being in the men's room when it's his turn to buy the next round.

Not only that, but Safire, Krauthammer, et al. will amazingly discover that they had always predicted that debacle, if it came, would be the fault of liberals, Democrats, the press, Europeans, Arabs, and the UN. Even though at this moment they are still singing of the glorious triumph of Operation Iraqi Freedom, they will have the intellectual flexibility - and damn proud of it they will be, too - to admit that they were right all along, and only the perfidy of the liberals, Democrats, press, etc., led to the quagmire. There will not be the slightest hint that it could ever have been possible that maybe we should not have invaded, that maybe there never were any WMD, that maybe Saddam never had anything to do with 9-11. No admission that we should have had more troops for the occupation, or more armor for the troops, that we should not have disbanded the Iraqi army, that we should have listened to our allies and to the opponents of the war here at home before going in.

No, it will always have been my fault. And yours. And all the other liberals who opposed the war before it started or at least after it bogged down. I suppose I should apologize to Safire and Krauthammer. And to Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and Feith and Tommy Franks. What was I thinking?
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