Friday, December 03, 2004


Why can't they both destroy the Earth?

From Welcome to the Grind (via Majikthise):
James "Gay Apocalypse" Dobson

"Gay marriage will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth."

No, "Dr." Dobson. Nuclear war will destroy the earth. Pollution and global warming might destroy the earth as we know it. Rogue meteors might destroy the earth. Allowing people who wish to enter into a binding monogamous relationship to do so without fear of legal recrimination will piss you off. That's not the same thing as the world ending. Most people grasp this admittedly subtle point before they turn twelve, but hey, everyone develops at their own pace.
Except, there appears to be a secret, recently added Amendment to the Constitution protecting wingnuts' right not to be pissed off.

In any case, James Dobson knows full well that gay marriage won't destroy anything except a few cases of champagne. But that kind of overheated alarmist rhetoric plays just dandy with the ol' base, and the press is too scared of a few guys with a website to ever point any of this out.

As long as people, for whatever reason, are more scared of two guys kissing than they are of, say, the corporate looting of our country, reason will have little strength in this fight.
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