Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Don't mention the war!

I really shouldn't quote TBogg so much (otherwise I'm going to end up as little more than a mirror of his site), but I can't help myself when he's just so freakin' funny!
Well, he's certainly a bright one. Sign him up for infantry

Buried in an article about all the inaugural visiters who didn't make it to the front of the line to see the audio-animatronic President:
Justin Moidel, 17, who lives in the Pittsburgh area, attended the swearing-in with friends, but after venturing outside the security gates for food, the group ditched plans to return for the parade because of the angry protesters and daunting lines at the weapons check.

"I liked being part of history, and the passage of power," said Moidel, who said he considers himself a conservative Democrat. "But the long lines and being protested against. . . . There was one lady who yelled at me, 'Are you prepared to die?' I guess she thinks Bush is an aggressive leader who will get us into war."
Somewhere in Pittsburgh an Army recruiter just got the hard-on of his life...
Sure. Everyone knows it was Bill Clinton who got us involved in the quagmire in Iraq. All George W. Bush did was free the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein.

Sheesh, the nerve of them eeevul libruls, blaming the Iraq disaster on George W. Bush...
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