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Steve Gilliard (who is black, so you can't accuse him of racism when he bashes Armstrong Williams), righteously trashes one icon on the left and someone who, now, will never become an icon on the left.
See what you did

In the Crossfire...
NOVAK: Howard Dean is running for Democratic National Chairman the same way he ran for President-- as the squeaky clean candidate. Well, he may have been squeaky, but he wasn’t so clean. Zephyr Teachout who was head of internet outreach for the Dean campaign has revealed the campaign hired two political bloggers to say positive things about Dr. Dean at the price of $3,000 a month-- that’s play for pay. Meanwhile, one of the great former DNC chairmen, Bob Strauss, has endorsed one of the candidates, and it is indeed former Congressman Martin Frost, who, like Strauss, is a moderate and a Texan. Will the DNC members be that smart?

BEGALA: I don’t know. First, if in fact people were paid to flak Howard Dean and didn’t disclose it, that’s reprehensible. We talked about that earlier with Armstrong Williams, and the same standard should apply to liberals.
Lawyers say never take advice from the opposition.

Let's start there.

Now, Paul Begala, who has no use for Howard Dean, could have cleared this up with a phone call. But why bother. After all, slandering people is no big deal for the Beltway Kool Kids. And it's why Jon Stewart made him look like an asshole on his own show.

Open letter to Zephyr Teachout:

Ms. Teachout, here's a lesson they teach you in reporting I, words have consequences.

When you were being all cute and clever with the WSJ, didn't you get they had an agenda? Or did you not care? Now, this lie, a lie you help spread, is going to have to be refuted over and over. Why? Because you didn't get a job, people didn't jump on your bandwagon? You absolute fucking idiot. You goddamn halfwit, you stirred up shit for no fucking reason.

Now, let's be clear. Some campaign staff thought if they paid off Kos and Jerome, they'd say nice things about Howard Dean. Was this deal ever implicit in any contract signed by anyone. Was it tossed around in front of them? Of course not. It was some Machiavellian thinking they could leverage an advantage and like most Machiavellian plans, didn't work, did it? Because Kos's site was an open forum for everyone, Clark supporters, Dean supporters, even Edwards supporters. So it was a stupid plan.

Secondly, Kos was careful, having not fallen asleep in his law school classes, to declare his conflicts right on his blog, from the first day he worked for Dean. Jerome stopped blogging. Now, I'm not a lawyer, but I did go to J school and as I understand that, doing that is not hiding anything.

Now, because you implied that Kos took a bribe from Dean, that assclown traitor Bob Novak can use it to deflect attention from Armstrong Williams illegal dealings. And you should know the difference. Even if Kos hid his association, that's campaign money, not federal contracts and the legal implications are vastly different.

Do you think that because you shit on two honest people that people will now listen to your little hobby horse about ethics?

Are you fucking kidding me? Your ethics suck. You would buy coverage for a candidate. So exactly why should I listen to you?

Here's the deal: just shut the fuck up. Your carelessness has caused an amazing amount of harm for a non-issue. And Kos will have to explain, in interview after interview, that he was not paid to say nice things about Howard Dean. Why? Because you unfairly implied that he did so. In a just world, no Democratic candidate would work with you again.

But here's my promise: every time you bring up ethics in a public forum, I'll make sure to question your presence there and to object to it. If some campaign has the misfortune to hire you, I'll not only refuse to give money to that campaign as long as you work for them, but encourage others to do the same.

Why? Because you are a reckless, spiteful person and you don't need to be around politics.

If Kos had taken money from Dean to say nice things, I would have violently objected. But since he didn't do that, I violently object to implying he did.

Hopefully, you'll find a new career in another field, because I will do everything in my power to make your name poison to anyone who cares about progressive politics.
What pisses me off about this is now, Armstrong Williams and his ethically-challenged paymasters will be able to muddy the waters. Instead of this being about a commentator on cable TV with a potential audience in the millions (he wishes), it will be about two obscure bloggers with a readership in the (maybe) tens of thousands (sorry, Kos). It's like Rathergate turning into an examination of CBS being fooled rather than the fucking President of the United States of America going AWOL.

There's no excuse for either Begala or Teachout. "If in fact people were paid to flak Howard Dean and didn’t disclose it, that’s reprehensible." It didn't happen, Mr. Begala, and I hope you have the minimal decency to admit it as publicly as you raised this non-issue. And Teachout - what the hell did she think she was doing? Bitter because Howard didn't win the nomination? Someone help me out here.
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