Friday, January 21, 2005


Friday Blog Blogging

From my good friend at Banana Slug:

Actual Reporting is Passé, Asserts Chief Les Moonves

CBS, reeling in the face of bias allegations, announced plans for a revamped news division. Beginning in March, CBS will dispense completely with reporting and run a live feed from the Fox News Channel. CBS will complement the Fox feed with unedited statements issued directly from the White House.

“We at CBS have decided that having an actual news division is not only expensive but divisive,” CBS Head Les Moonves asserted.

“Under our new format, the Bush administration will have at its disposal another patriotic and uncritical tool.”

Critics assailed CBS’s plan.

“CBS is a haven for left-wing bias,” shouted Hugh Hewitt, author of Blog: Toppling the Mainstream Media from Your Mother’s Basement.

“I bet they’ll just run the Fox News loop backwards so it projects leftist bias.

“I mean, so it’s no longer fair and balanced.”

The White House welcomed the compromise, immediately announcing programming that may quickly leach over to the entertainment side.

New shows, such as Everybody Loves Rumsfeld, Social Secu7ity Numb3rs and Survivor: Mosul are expected to draw large audiences.
The funny thing is, even if CBS really did sell out like this, the Hitlerjugend at Free Republic and PowerLine still wouldn't drop the "CBS = Eevul Libruls" mantra. I mean, it served them so well when it wasn't true, so why would they drop it?
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