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Superb post from The Poor Man:
Paul Krugman Doesn't Get It

He writes:
A charming man courts a woman, telling her that he's a wealthy independent businessman. Just after the wedding, however, she learns that he has been cooking the books, several employees have accused him of sexual harassment and his company is about to file for bankruptcy. She accuses him of deception. "The accountability moment is behind us," he replies.
This is meant as a metaphor for the situation surrounding Bush's remarks last week, but it doesn't hold up. Bush didn't just lie and get elected - he lied, got elected, lied for four solid years, lied outrageously throughout the campaign, and then got re-elected. He lied about everything from the reasons for going to war to the way he likes his cheesesteak sandwich. So it's not like the lies are just coming out now. Pointing out that the President is mendacious misses the point, which is that, after four-plus years of lying, he received more votes than any presidential candidate in history. His lies have the imprimatur of the people. He is mandatious.
This is a minor corollary of the late Herblock's "Multiple Bad Things Advantage." Bush tells so many lies, it's impossible to focus on just one of them. And if you try to point out all of them, you end up looking hypercritical and shrill, as if you're a nutcase who simply hates Bush because you hate him, not because of anything Bush ever did.

Of course, that never bothered the right-wing scumbags when it came to Clinton. IOKIYAR, after all.

But the Poor Man is right. In a vile sense, the 2004 election was Bush's "accountability moment." Anyone who paid attention had to know just how totally Bush fucked up during his first four years. Anyone who knew that and voted for him anyway was saying, I like the way he fucked up and I want more of the same. Anyone who wasn't paying attention but voted for him was saying, I'm too stupid to have any higher nervous functions which makes me just like George W. Bush.

It's true that Bush is now claiming a mandate for policies he never enumerated during last year's campaign (and has not actually specified even now). Obviously, that's not true. He has no such mandate. But on the other hand, he was the worst president in US history for 4 years and he got re-elected. Whether we like it or not, if even a bare majority of the eligible voters who bothered to cast a ballot want to give him another 4 years, that means this worthless, smirking, ignorant creep, this tool of the corporate overclass, this JEEEEEEEEEZUS-loving moron, might as well claim a mandate for any filthy, scummy, mean-spirited looting and pillaging that momentarily flits across his subnormal brain over the next 48 months. He's told far bigger lies and gotten away with it. Why shouldn't he keep playing it the only way he learned it? It's not his fault that he keeps getting away with it. It's everyone else's.

And for once, that's literally true.
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Terrible article!!!!!!!!Lot of dostortions!!!!!!!!!!!!
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