Thursday, January 13, 2005


Piling on for the truth

Everyone else has been linking to this great post by the Poorman - why shouldn't I?
Compare and Contrast: Rathergate vs. Saddam's WMD - A Quantitative Comparison
Don't hold your breath waiting for a single reporter or producer to lose their jobs over this - after all, Bush has basically rewarded the perpetrators of the big lie that led to the invasion, and we can hardly hold the press to a higher standard than we apparently hold the president.

The Poorman also has this:
And if you'd like to listen to Scottie, and believe that there is some way in which we are safer with 100,000+ troops fighting a vicious guerrilla war in a Muslim country which couldn't have attacked us even if it wanted to, you go right on ahead and do that. If you think that the $150+ billion we've sunk into Iraq to transform it from a nasty police state into a nasty war zone, you go right ahead and do that, too. I sure hope Iraq emerges from this better off than it started, but I am not optimistic. But whatever lets you sleep at night.
As with everything else this administration does, they lie. They obviously have boundless contempt for the American people (a point Herman Wouk had his surrogate Victor Henry make about Hitler's attitude toward the German people in The Winds of War - I'm nothing if not careful about giving credit for the concepts I rip off) as well as the press, since they don't think anyone who counts or who has the power is ever going to effectively call them on all their lies. And why should they? They've been getting away with it since 1999. In politics, that's two lifetimes. They play it like they learned it, and alas, they learned all the wrong lessons.
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