Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Social Security "piratization"

Not my line, but I wish it were. I hope it catches on.

Karl Marx writes somewhere, to the effect that, "It is the genius of the ruling class to make their class concerns seem universal." By which Marx meant, the ruling class is able to use its power over the wider culture to persuade everyone that only their narrow self-interest is really everyone's interest, whether it is or not.

The malignant genius of George W. Bush and the current Republicans is their grim insistence on interpreting everything - everything everything everything - as if it were ordained by God to help them. And then they act as if, no matter what they say, no matter what the public says, anything they want to do is wildly popular with the public. And then they keep repeating that mantra ad nauseam and browbeat the gelded, corporatized press until it wearlily goes along with them. And when it works once, they keep repeating the tactic over and over again.

Bush won reelection narrowly (about 50.8% to about 48%). He is pretending that this extremely narrow victory is an overwhelming mandate for anything and everything he might ever conceive of doing over the next four years regardless of whether or not it even came up in the 2004 campaign. With regard to Social Security "piratization," he scarcely campaigned on it at all. But, in Bush's mind, since anything he wants to do is by definition perfect, any argument on its behalf is as good as any other argument, since Bush doesn't really think he needs to persuade anyone - once he proclaims and decrees, everyone else should knuckle their foreheads and bow and scrape and comply.

This is how they work, gang. They don't care that their tactics stink. Their tactics work - nothing else matters.
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