Sunday, January 23, 2005


Thus does the Big Lie spread

Even the BBC allows itself to be hoodwinked! (This is from an article on the growing number of the elderly and retired in Japan.)
Although President Bush must re-devise Social Security to take account of a 130% rise in America's over 65s, the IMF foresees a positive contribution to the US current account balance from the combined forces of fertility and immigration.
President Bush doesn't gotta "re-devise" anything. I'm not an actuary, but before Bush started forcing Social Security employees to illegally propagandize on behalf of his lies, the Social Security Administration's own actuaries were saying there is no Social Security crisis!

C'mon, BBC, don't swallow Bush's lies. I know we can't expect anything out of Fox News or even MSNBC and CNN, but if we can't count on the BBC, who can we count on?
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