Wednesday, January 26, 2005


We're busted

Uh-oh. TBogg gives away the big secret.
...and starring Jim Geraghty as Milton Waddams

After the election was over National Review Online did a little downsizing. They thought about getting rid of Jonah, but since he works for yesterday's muffin stumps they figured "what the hell" and kept him on (saving them a daily trip to the dumpster). One of the ones who was get let go was Jim Geraghty who posted on the Kerry Spot which was the NRO source for all news, fake or semi-real, about John Kerry. With the election over, Geraghty was the odd man out (not to be confused with NRO's "odd man").

Well --long story, short attention span-- Geraghty was using a little PTO time getting his back waxed the day that his pink slip came through, and so he still shows up at his cube everyday and cranks out drivel for the dribblers and nobody has the heart to tell him that he's yesterday's excuse for invading Iraq news.

Today he writes:
So chalk me up as one of the folks who was really surprised that Oscar voters didn’t give “Fahrenheit 9/11” a Best Picture nomination.


But here’s an interesting dog that isn’t barking… Michael Moore gets passed over for the big award he coveted… and the lefty bloggers aren’t up in arms. In fact, nobody on the left is talking about Moore today.

I still strongly believe that no blogger is obligated to write about any topic, but I just find it interesting that web personalities who one would think would be big Michael Moore fans are collectively shrugging their shoulders over this. You know a lot of Christian conservatives are grumbling about the three nominations in technical categories for “The Passion of the Christ,” and Kathryn’s already noted this on the Corner.

Nothing (so far) at Eschaton, Daily Kos, James Wolcott, Josh Marshall, Kevin Drum, Matthew Yglesias, Tapped, The Left Coaster… Did I miss some Moore fans? I realize most of these guys are policy wonks, but none of them has any take or opinion on Hollywood’s elite giving the thumbs-down to the most prominent anti-Bush piece of work from the past year?
I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

We're disorganized.

We don't have a central Vast Left Wing Conspiracy HQ that blast-faxes our daily talking points to us which means that we are forced to think up stuff on our own. As our President might say, "That's hard work". Also we don't have a central organizing Cult of Personality that demands that we focus on "Him" and what would He do or what would be best for Him, and thus forces us to view all other topics as somehow influenced by His magnificent gravitational pull. We don't even have enough money to buy a third-tier pundit to parrot our party line even if we were together enough to have a party line, fercryin'outloud.

We're screw-ups. We can't even win an election.

Thank god we're not running a war.

(Full disclosure: I haven't seen Fahrenheit 9/11 so I don't really have an opinion on it. Of course, I understand that this confession may make me less of a liberal putting me at risk of being stoned in some Blue State public square for "heresy", but I'm willing to take that chance. Besides we already used all the sharper rocks on that simmpering nit, Michael Totten .)
Am I disappointed that Fahrenheit 9/11 did not get a Best Picture nomination? No.

(Sorry, I guess I didn't get the blast-fax from VLWC HQ with the daily talking points instructing me to bitch and moan and whine about almighty Michael Moore being shafted by those right-wing pigs in Hollywood. I promise to do better with regard to Moore's forthcoming Baron Reich-Nein von Vun.)

In any case, Fahrenheit 9/11 is hardly "the most prominent anti-Bush piece of work from the past year". For that, just check out any of Bush's debate performances.
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