Tuesday, January 25, 2005


What we have here is a failure to think things through

One of the (many) problems I have with right-wingers is their inability or unwillingness to really perceive the implications of their positions.

From a letter to today's New York Times:
Iraqis' Chance to Rule Themselves

To the Editor:

In "Divided We Stand," Thomas L. Friedman once again expresses support for the coming Iraqi elections while simultaneously criticizing the Bush administration for its tactics and strategy. But even the most vehement Bush critics have to acknowledge that the opportunity for Iraqis to vote exists only because of George W. Bush.
So, George W. Bush will be invading Saudi Arabia next, then, right? After all, don't Saudis deserve the same opportunity to vote that Iraqis do?

:::snorts derisively:::
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