Monday, January 03, 2005


Why would they want to do that?

It would take away from their valuable fucking-in-public time. (From What's New by Bob Park.)
Friday, December 31, 2004


It’s been 145 years since Darwin published Origin of Species, perhaps the world’s greatest scientific discovery. No other idea has connected so many pieces of knowledge. It’s now 80 years since the Scopes trial. If any doubts about evolution remain, you might suppose that DNA analysis would sweep them away. We can now measure how closely we are related to every creature on Earth. We share half our DNA with yeast. So genetically similar are bonobos to humans that, but for the inability of bonobos to talk, they might demand a seat in the UN.
All bonobos want out of life is to fuck in public all the time. Until they can do that in the UN, they're not interested.

And we think we're superior to them.
Yet, in Dover, PA, a town much like Dayton, TN, the school board voted to require that intelligent design be taught alongside evolution. The school board will lose in court, but we must ask ourselves why science has been so spectacularly unsuccessful in explaining such obvious truths to people.
Because people are DUMB!

And science is hard. And scientists don't know how to and don't often enough care to explain what they do, what they know, and why it's important. Dumb people get remarkably defensive when they think they're being sneered at by smart people.

Darwin's line about there being "grandeur in this view of life" seems threatening to those who need to believe in a Big Daddy God. When secular humanists call themselves "brights", it's a nasty put-down of those of us who maintain some form of religious belief but understand that it cannot be permitted to conflict with what we know about the actual natural, physical world.

I'm not smart enough to reconcile these conflicts. I'm simply glad that most of my fellow Jews are like me - religious and scientific simultaneously.

In any case, let's not insult the bonobos by trying to bring them down to our level. They know better.
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