Thursday, January 27, 2005


Ya gotta love George Bush and his love of "freedom"

Can anyone please define what George Bush means by "freedom"?
Darfur: Never again?

As the world prepares to commemorate Holocaust Day, crimes against humanity are still being committed in Darfur while diplomats bicker

By Anne Penketh


After the Rwandan genocide in 1994, just as after the Holocaust when six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis, the world said "never again". Now, there is Darfur.

Efforts to bring Sudan before the International Criminal Court - a move theoretically backed by the UK - have been undermined by the Bush administration's hostility to the court which was specifically set up to judge those suspected of genocide and crimes against humanity.
I've been meaning to point this out, but as far as I can tell, George W. Bush's notion of "freedom" is exclusively restricted to "the right to be a fat, rich, white guy macho selfish asshole pig." I'll expound on that more in another post, but at least I said it.

Interestingly, Penketh goes on to point out,
The United States has, at least, publicly branded these atrocities as genocide. The British Government has refused to do so, preferring to wait for the conclusions of an international commission of inquiry which reported back to the UN secretary general yesterday.

The four-man panel, led by the Italian jurist, Antonio Cassese, was asked to investigate the Darfur killings, determine whether genocide had occurred and to identify perpetrators with a view to holding them accountable. Kofi Annan is expected to submit the report to the UN Security Council next Monday, when debate will be engaged between supporters of the International Criminal Court and its main detractor, the United States, which went so far as to unsign the treaty setting up the tribunal.
Of course, the Muslim militants shrieking about the USA attacking Islam have no word to say about the Sudan. African and Muslim countries have been more involved. And Colin Powell did expend considerable effort on the issue, so perhaps the snarky title of this post is a bit of a cheap shot.

But only a bit.

In any case, Darfur is yet another example of how this completely fucked-up world is still unable to fulfill the mandate of those who hopefully founded the United Nations in 1947 intending never to let anything like this happen, anywhere, again. The United States has labeled the Darfur situation a "genocide," and that it surely is. And what are we really doing about it? Not a damn thing. Our army is bleeding slowly to death in Iraq, while Darfur bleeds to death much more quickly.

Is it our responsibility to save Darfur? If the pious platitudes George W. Bush uttered at his second inaugural actually mean anything, then how it not be our responsibility to save Darfur? If we are to be the world's leader, then we have to lead.

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.
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