Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Yes, they hate us

Digby on the newly radicalized Muslim detainees and most other Muslims who have heard their stories:
Why Don't They Like Us, Heinrich?

Yes, they hate us. The ones who have been locked up and the ones who haven't. And it's you and me and your kids who they hate now, not just the leadership or the troops. They hate us personally. And they hate us because we don't seem too worked up about this disgusting breach of human rights. In fact, a majority apparently think it's just dandy, including the most powerful leaders in the land who continue to support the war criminals who concieved this disasterous blunder, even this week elevating one of them to the highest law enforcement office in the land.

So let's have another lecture on morality and values. I really need to hear one. Let's hear some more talk about how liberals are leading this country down the path to perdition with our lack of restraint and our inability to draw lines between right and wrong and good and evil. I need to bask in the glow of republican righteousness and beg for forgiveness for sinfully indulging gays in their quest to form families and cleanse myself of the shame of forgiving a man for committing adultery. God help me, I need some moral clarity and I need it damned quickly because I'm really wondering just who in the hell is evil in this war on terror and who isn't. It's getting hard to tell the difference here. It's getting really hard.
The inability (or unwillingness) of the right-wing to see what all this torture is doing to America's reputation in the rest of the world is infuriating and terrifying. George W. Bush is turning this country into a pariah. And 51% of Americans voted to reelect him. And the man who gave him threadbare legal cover may become Attorney-General. And we're planning to use death squads in Iraq (the Rude Pundit is sure we're already using them).

But George W. Bush has JEEEEEEEEZUS on his side. He done tole us hisself. And all those Americans who think they need to prove their morality and their values, who think that a loud protestation of their piety is the same as actually being pious, are being fooled by this guy. At least, I hope they're being fooled. If they actually agree with the torture - if it doesn't sicken them and make them spitting angry - then we are living in parallel universes.
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