Monday, January 10, 2005



Jan. 10, and we already have a nominee for Bitchiest Post of the Year. (From Rising Hegemon.)
I Hunger for Human Flesh

by Ann Coulter

After a half-dozen years in the public eye, it has become apparent to me that I am allowed to say pretty much any goddamned thing I please, and a substantial enough faction of the public will nod their heads in agreement and demand I be allowed upon Hannity & Colmes twice a month.

Of course, it is true that much of what I write or utter is to most people insane, as if Julius Streicher's granddaughter is suddenly given wealth and clout simply for being louder than others, and because she wears a leather miniskirt.
In a way, snarky as this is, it's actually letting Fraulein Coulter off the hook a bit, because Streicher truly was insane (even other Nazis thought so), whereas Coulter is just a nasty, shrill, greedy, mean-spirited hack. As well as a total cunt.

(Coulter reminds me of Mark Twain's hilarious disquisition on the perils of grammatical gender in German. "Where is the book?" "He is on the table." "Where is the beautiful and talented young woman?" "It has gone to the theater." If Twain were unfortunate enough to encounter Ann Coulter, he might no longer regret that maedchen is neuter.)
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