Monday, March 14, 2005


Why does Atrios hate America?

Umm...I guess the answer to that is obvious.
Blue Finger

Armando makes the important point that demands for orgasmic happy talk for any positive-sounding events tend to suppress any rational discussion of those events. This doesn't just shut down avenues of opinion, it shuts down the reporting of actual facts.

I never thought we should've invaded Iraq. But, I always wanted it to work out for the best to whatever extent that was possible. It's a shame that those who supported the war were, for the most part, more concerned with preserving the reputation of war supporters than actually doing anything to ensure that their pet project was a success. It's been a constant refrain that anti-war folks wanted things to go badly in Iraq, but it's been pro-war types who have consistently enabled the inept bungling that followed the fall of Baghdad.
A lot of right wing policy these days could be labeled "faith-based" or perhaps "Tinkerbelle-based" - that is, if you clap your hands and really really believe in your policy, it will come true - or, in fact, already has come true. Merely announcing a policy is tantamount to implementing it. No Child Left Behind, AIDS funding, etc. - say you're going to do and it's 100% the same as having actually done it.

So too with Iraq - we invaded for what Bush has serially presented as any number of good reasons - therefore, since we said why we did it, that is indistinguishable from having achieved what we said we were invading to achieve. Talk about "creating their own reality"!

Plus, the despicable accusation that those of us who opposed the war want it to go badly is beneath contempt (which means it is far far above those who make it. Predicting disaster and recognizing disaster when it has occurred is nothing close to seeking it and celebrating it. I grieve for the 1500+ Americans (and tens of thousands of Iraqis) who have died; we warned that this would happen and we were right. If we have some grim satisfaction at having been proved right, that may be a regrettable indication of human nature, but nothing more. It certainly does not justify the tub-thumping excesses of the war faction, whose indecent refusal to admit that their reasons for invasion have been proved, in seriatim, to be threadbare (at best) should make people question them for their jollification at death and destruction.

Not that I'm into doing that...
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