Monday, April 18, 2005


Okay, 24 just jumped the shark

Warning: Spoiler.

Well, it is on Fox.

24 just showed its right-wing roots. Just as they're about to start "interrogating" (read: torture) a suspect, a lawyer from "Amnesty Global" shows up with a court order to stop them. (The lawyer is working, directly or indirectly, for the evil terrorist Habib Marwan, who doesn't want to the suspect to talk.)

How did this lawyer get a court order in about 15 minutes (the conceit of 24 is that everything you see is supposed to be in real time; i.e., a minute of screen time is a minute of real time). How could Marwan's minions find a lawyer, find a judge, find a U.S. Marshal, get them all in the same room, and then get the lawyer to CTU's top-secret headquarters in less than one commercial break?

But even more so, this is an obvious dig at all lily-livered liberal wimps who would rather protect evil people's rights than destroy terrorism. Except in Fox's fevered wingnut paranoid view of the universe, this could never happen. No judge would issue such an order without a hearing. Most judges, actually, defer to government (and then there's that secret Federal Intelligence Court that almost never turns down any requests for wiretaps or search warrants). This is complete bullshit, except on Fox.

24 just jumped the shark.
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